Using Local Suppliers

We make every attempt to purchase food ingredients and supplies from Ypsilanti and other parts of Michigan.

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Great Menu - Great Specials!

We have GREAT Daily Specials, Which you can find it on our Facebook Page, posted daily.


Michigan Music Hall of Fame

The Wolverine Grill is the unofficial home of the Michigan Music Hall of Fame!

Wolverine Grill

228 W. Michigan Avenue,

Ypsilanti, Michigan


Thank You for Your Continuing Support! On Friday, March 29, 2013 The Wolverine Grill celebrated our 1st Anniversary of Being Re-opened. We would like to thank our loyal customers.We look forward to many more to follow.

There have been significant changes at The Wolverine Grill. The restaurant closed in October 2011 ending a family involvement that began in 1963. The shark is gone. Deloris Emerson worked for the first 5 months this year and retired. We held a testimonial ceremony celebrating her working at the Wolverine since 1979.

There are challenges facing an operation that re-opens after going out of business. The world (and Ypsilanti) is a much different place than it was in 1963. The transition of our community and the transition at the Wolverine are part of what makes this an exciting time to be a part of Downtown Ypsilanti. The walls have been re-painted. The equipment has been reconditioned.

The menu features fresh food breakfasts, lunches and daily specials. We are located directly across Michigan Ave. from the Downtown Ypsilanti District Library. We source as much food locally as possible. We purchase from the Growing Hope Urban Farm. New owner Kevin Hill invites you to return as a regular or stop in and give us a try.

Food has been served at this location since 1927. Please join us as we continue the TRADITION.